Quality Control

Our quality policy is driven by our customers. KUMTHAI consistently selects the best and most advanced equipment, processes and integrated information systems for its plants.


1.Smelting Furnace 2.Shotting Production Line
3.Calcined Production Line


4.DMP-II Type Measurer for Bulk Density of Conventional Abrasives
(reference standard: ISO9136 : 1989 and JB/T 7984.2-1999)

5.DME-A Type Measurer for Bulk Density of Micro Powder 6. JSII-G1 Type Analyzer for Analyzing Magnetic Materials
7.PKM-A Type Measurer for Particle Density  8.PR-8 Type Milling Toughness Tester for Conventional Abrasives 
9.CLE-A Type Measurer for Cleanness of Conventional Abrasives
(reference standard: JB/T 10151-1999)